Dalriada.org Building Houses With Friends Of Elvis

Rock 'N' Roll Into A New House!
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The Event Of The Century

Bringing Affordable Housing To All

'Friends of Elvis'


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Come Along With Us!
Love The Entertainment!
and Help provide Housing!

How It Works

  1. Visit FriendsOfElvis.com.au
  2. Everyone that purchases our 5 star entertainment for US$29.99 will be assisting in providing Affordable Housing to Our less fortunate disadvantaged Citizens. Our Initial goal is One Hundred Million Dollars (US$100,000,000 ) to start our affordable Housing Projects in Australasia.
    When the new affordable Housing is available, it is planned that an affordable Lease/purchase arrangement be activated – with every Dollar you pay going toward THEIR OWNERSHIP- with no closing or Interest Costs ever.
  3. ALSO—continue to help grow our DALRIADA’S affordable housing project by originating all of your shopping and searches at DollarsWithAHeart.com.au

“Support Affordable Housing For All”

Hurry phase 1 is starting.