LTD ACN 010 801 984 and the D3 Group of Companies
Master Builders of Turnkey Affordable Housing / Buildings
(Non-Profit Humanitarian Foundations - ASSISTING HUMANITARIAN NEEDS GLOBALLY)

Our Founder Malcolm DIXON had a Dream over 30 Years ago, to enhance the Living Conditions and Lifestyle of the Less Fortunate People, firstly in Australasia and then Globally. He then established various entities the DALRIADA Foundation and later the D3 Group of Companies, to combat this Global Problem with consideration, agreement and consultation with the Local Governments and the Citizens in those areas.

The Range of Projects including Housing, Schools, Churches, Local Sporting Facilities, Medical and Community Centres, as agreed, with the Local Community Members.

Our prime goal is to provide Quality Affordable Housing, encompassing the employment and training of Local community members, Male or Female of mature age. Employment will be more than 85% local people, giving purpose and income into their local community/families, and with Schooling provided Free of Charge, up to Year 12. (i.e. Fees, Uniforms and Books etc. will be provided). Over a few Years into the Future, we hope that all persons employed are of Local Origin/culture.

The CONSTRUCTION and TRAINING: To expedite and improve Construction Techniques, due to the Inclement weather conditions and the changes that seemed to be happening around the Globe, this triggered Malcolm to Develop a "Clip-together Steel Framing System" to Strengthen and yet simplify construction. Housing can then be collated in 'Complete House kits' for transport into Outback and Rural Areas, economically with dramatic savings being passed onto the Home Owner, minimising costs, with no impact on the environment.
Some of the Featured inclusions are; Steel Framing Structure System, minimising risk of White ants, Vermin etc. as well as ease of assembly, for Dalriada Trained Local mature non-skilled workers Clean Green continuous Electricity to each House/Building Water Purification System, Safe for cooking and drinking Fire resistant Timber based Products, for Floors, Walls and Roofing (that are being produced in our Plants in Papua New Guinea) Heat Power Electrical System, for use in larger Industrial Commercial complexes. Vegetation System, (under development) to provide each household with facilities to grow fresh Food for personal consumption.

Our Training Program for 'Trainers' will be held by a Certified Trainer, and is planned for groups of up to 12, who will then train the 'Local People' in Teams of (4) Four. These authorised Teams will then become the 'Builders' or the 'Constructors' in their Local Communities, however the Electrical and Plumbing will be conducted by other Accredited personnel, and ultimately after completing apprenticeships, will be Indigenous people.

The Timber Projects are mixed between 'clear fell' for Plantation processes as arranged by the Government and Local Communities, and the 'Sustainable Selective Cutting' of larger Timber with reforestation programmes, as per the Landowner FMA agreements.

The re-vegetation / re-forestation program will employ and train local people, as an integral part of our harvesting operation. This will involve seed collecting of local species and seed raising Nursery for the future. We would also plan to introduce various suitable fruit and Nut Trees for Produce production, giving additional income to the local community. (Subject to quarantine requirements)

These Projects benefit the people by; Enhancing the lives of the local Communities, not only with Employment and Income, but by providing Housing, Schools, Medical Centres, Churches and Community Buildings, as required. Also, is an integral part of the other Building Products Required e.g. Flooring, wall cladding and extruded Weather Boards Other 'Kiln Dried' Timber will be used to train Local Apprentices in Furniture Manufacture and Skills in Timber Boat Building

The Dalriada Group and D3 Humanitarian Global Foundation has an Ultimate Objective to provide housing for the overcrowded communities, and to help these communities to be self- supporting through the establishment of local enterprise, suitable for that area.

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